10 of the Best and Funniest Christmas Gift Ideas This 2021

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10 of the Best and Funniest Christmas Gift Ideas This 2021

‘Tis the season of giving and sharing again, and what better way to celebrate it with a funny or downright unexpected gift ideas for this 2021’s Christmas season. Sure, a PS5—if you could even get one right now—or a pair of AirPods are some S-Tier gifts this Christmas season, but nothing beats an unforgettable surprise that’ll give priceless smiles to your loved ones and friends. 

From lighthearted card games to objects that are obviously targeted towards your cousin, let’s take a look at 10 of the best and funniest Christmas gift ideas you have to get this 2021. 🎁

10. Aloe Vera Plant

Every desk setup isn’t complete without an aesthetically pleasing plant. So why not give this one to a friend who needs a little friend? Preferably someone who’ll find it punny. 

9. Pizza Sleeping Blanket/Bag

This wearable pizza blanket is made of ultra-soft polyester and feels like a slice of heaven. It won’t only keep you warm, but also remind you at 3 AM of your pizza cravings.  It comes in two flavors: vegetarian and pepperoni. And no, it thankfully does not have a pineapple on pizza option.

8. Stuff I Try Not To Lose Pouch

A canvas pouch (available in a range of colors and as a flat bag or gusset bag) that’s in the perfect size for letting even the most careless person keep track of their most important belongings. Not gonna lie, I might cop one of these for myself. 

7. Box of Nothing

It’s literally a box with nothing in it. I mean, you get what you wish for. What’d you expect from a box that has “box of nothing” printed on it? A thousand dollars? 

6. 500+ Dad Jokes

Anyone may enjoy the goofy, corny jokes inside, whether you're presenting it to your dad, your mom, or your boyfriend. The downside? You’ll probably never see a day without one dad joke from your recipient. Proceed with caution. 

5. My List Of Things I Was Right About Notebook

The perfect notebook to give to a special someone who’s always there to speak their mind about your mistakes and misjudgments in life. 

4. Cards Against Humanity Party Card Game

Was there ever a year that this didn’t make the list? As cliche and repetitive as it sounds, even you won’t deny that you’ve had a few laughs thanks to this card game. 

3. Mug with Nothing But F*ck on it

What else is there to say but f*ck?

2. Personalized Dundie Award

If you’re a long-time reader of our blog, you’ll know how much we love and we obsess over The Office here. If you know someone who identifies as an avid The Office fan and practically makes a whole culture behind the show, then they’ll be crying over this personalized Dundie award. I honestly want one.

1. Your favorite tweet on a t-shirt, sweater, or hoodie

How could you not want to give someone their favorite tweet in the form of a top? If you don’t know your friend’s favorite tweet, then fret not as our endless collection of iconic and hilarious tweets probably has something special that deserves to be given life as a shirt. Or hoodie. Or crewneck sweater. Some type of top.

These collections vary from the most iconic Kanye tweets like this one.

Or when that moment when Trump claimed to have the highest IQ, like ever. Sorry, Einstein.

Or how about that Tyler the Creator tweet where he kindly says f*ck everyone?

If you’re still not sure which tweet to pick, why not just give them a Tee Tweets gift card? They might even return the favor and get you a hoodie to keep you warm during the winter season.

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Now go and grab some Tee Tweets tops.

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