Frequently Asked Questions

What's your favorite tweet?
Impossible. It's like asking, "What's your all-time favorite song?" It totally depends on mood. Some are incredibly ironic, some are just plain silly, and others are knee-slappers. It truly, truly depends. Why don't you send us a DM on Instagram/Twitter and tell us instead!
What's the best way to wash my new Tee Tweets?
Inside out. Cold water. Air dry. If you insist on throwing it in the dryer, use the lowest heat possible. Keep in mind each washer/dryer is different. Also, don't iron directly on the tweet. Love your Tee Tweets and they'll love you back.

If I send you an image of a deleted tweet, can you still use it?

We won't use the image directly, but we'll redesign and modernize the tweet. If you'd like the tweet in its original design, just let us know.

I like my shirts to fit nice and snug so I can look super fit. Which size should I order?
If you've got it, flaunt it, right? We don't judge. Our tops are true to size, so order as you see fitRefer to our Sizing Guide for your ideal size and exact measurements.
Can I put one of my own tweets on a shirt, hoodie, or crewneck sweater?
Absolutely. Tee Tweets is about putting the message back in your hands (or chest, rather). Simply link us the URL as you place Custom Tee Tweet order, or email/DM us with your suggestion. See the Customize Your Own section for more details.
Why can't I see my tracking number yet?
Magic takes time. Tracking usually takes about 2 business days for it to be visible in the system, but sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes, the tracking won't update until your order has already been delivered. This process is controlled entirely by the courier, so if you can't see your tracking number yet, neither can we. Rest assured, it updates in due time.
When will I receive my order?
Shipping times are completely contingent upon your location. If you're in the US, you can expect to receive your order in about 3-5 business days. International orders could be anywhere from 7-12 business days. Could be more, could be less. Because of holidays and other events, shipping times may vary. Be sure to check your tracking number for the most accurate information regarding your order.