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The Tee Tweets Story in 140+ Characters

There’s always been something special about a head-turning t-shirt. The tricky part is figuring out how to turn someone’s head (without you getting arrested, of course). That's why we've decided to put the message back in your hands.

We are currently living in an era where everything is instant, quick, and viral. Trolls get fed daily. And yes, much of that content generated is inevitably hilarious. Much of that content comes from people we know and love (or hate!)—celebrities, basketball players, and influencers. And although some regret their 140 character posts, many often do not.
The point is: Tweets are meant to be shared. Even if the tweet gets deleted, the internet will never let you forget. Neither will Tee Tweets. It’s OKAY to laugh at someone else, it’s OKAY to laugh at yourself, and it’s OKAY to make a statement. The way you interpret your Tee Tweet is up to you.

To making life better,

The peeps @ Tee Tweets

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