Our Story

The Tee Tweets Story in 280+ Characters

Where is Tee Tweets headquartered?

We’re in the heart of Chicago. 773 and 312 stand up! 🌇

When did you start Tee Tweets?

It depends when you define “start”. The idea for Tee Tweets came months before the official launch of our website. If you consider “the beginning” the launch of our store, then it would be #Summer2017. ☀️

Do you have any pets?

Yup. Big animal fans here. All in all, the Tee Tweets team has 3 dogs 🐶, 2 turtles 🐢, and 1 parrot 🐦.

What are your hobbies? What do you guys like to do on your free time?

“Free time” doesn’t come around too much anymore, but we love playing sports, particularly basketball. Since we’re in Chicago, that becomes very limited in the winter since we get 7 solid months of frost. We also enjoy playing PS4. Needless to say, we love comedy, so watching shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, is all great. And of course, watching reruns of The Office and Friends.

What drove you to start Tee Tweets?

This is a simple, yet loaded question. The main reason is very straightforward: Laughter and unity. We love to laugh. Who doesn’t? Tweets have this very particular way of sharing something that’s ironic, embarrassing, or just plain silly in 280 (formerly 140) characters. When you share a laugh with someone, you also come together. Twitter has become such a large outlet for bursts of energy that are just meant to be commemorated and shared. We also deeply care that you get to voice your own tweets on clothing, which is why we allow for customization. It’s a big deal to us to make it accessible for you. 😁

Why tweets?

A large part of our identities is formed by the way we dress. Wearing a tweet is a big icebreaker. This can lead to many new open conversations, something that we believe is wildly undervalued in today’s world. Additionally, depending on the tweet, you can directly relate to the tweet, display your sportsmanship, describe your mood, or even make a political statement in your own way. You can take a tweet seriously, or ridicule it. You can believe a tweet, or showcase its falsehood. The interpretation is totally up to you no matter where you fall in the spectrum. 📱

Did you guys know about making clothes before Tee Tweets?

Nope! We learned the ropes through LOTS and LOTS of testing, all the while focusing on high quality clothing, and flawless printing. There’s so many different types of materials and types of printing, that we went through over 100 different styles and combinations before selling the styles and prints that we do now. 👕

Are there other companies that put tweets on clothing?

Not the way we do it. Our main competitors do not match the premium quality of our shirt, nor do they design and create the tweet to the accuracy that we do. They also do not offer other products besides shirts. Not to disrespect to our competition here, but it’s something you’d have to see for yourself. 😉

What do you guys do? Like, do you have day jobs?

The Tee Tweets team is small, but we make it work. We do have day jobs as well. If you're in Chicago, it's likely you've walked past us at one point or another.

Why should I choose Tee Tweets?

In addition to the aforementioned quality above, we strive to offer the best customer service. We’re not some big, fancy company who thinks they’re too good for you (looking at you, Comcast!) 🤬

We’re customers too, and we understand the importance of providing you with the best possible overall experience when shopping Tee Tweets.

To making life better,

The Peeps @ Tee Tweets