10 Hilarious Tweets To Start Off Your Mid-September

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10 Hilarious Tweets To Start Off Your Mid-September

It’s finally mid-September and the holiday seasons are looming around the corner. Though the pandemic will still be a huge roadblock to having a Christmas season that is fulfilling and joyful, you just gotta make do with what you have for now. With that being said, here are 10 tweets that should give y’all that boost to push further into the holidays.

Whether you’re the festive type or just someone who loves the holidays for the discounts and vacations, these 10 tweets are sure to give you laughs for how hilarious and relatable they are. Ready? Here they are!

1. Ah yes, the pleasure of working collaboratively in GDocs. Keep typing, please. Let me judge what your thoughts and ideas are. 


2. TFW you’re just done with life because every waking moment of life is a situation.


3. Am I the only one who read this tweet with the intense feeling of anxiety and terror?

4. I don’t get it. What’s so hard about typing liuetenatn? 

5. There is no relaxation. There is no resting. There is just the void. 

6. It’s okay, Kate. We share your sentiment.

7. Now that’s some solid character development and progress! 


8. I’m sorry @ every cashier who I may have bothered with my meal and diet choice.


9. I honestly just put “dog lover 🐶” in my bio and hope for the best.

10. Remember when we all thought that growing old was cool…

Which tweet made you roll? Got any more tweets you’d like for us to see? Let us know down below!

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