10 Tweets That Prove Chris Evans Is The Best Dog Owner

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10 Tweets That Prove Chris Evans Is The Best Dog Owner

While many appreciate the fact that Captain America speaks up about pressing social and political issues on his massive platform, there are also other things in his Twitter feed that have caught our eyes. Specifically, his good boi Dodger.
Regardless of what the day it is or what is happening in the world, we can count on Chris Evans to give us the scoop about what's happening throughout the day with him and his dog—and we’re not complaining. We absolutely love it.

Here are 10 of our favorite wholesome tweets of Chris Evans featuring his best friend—no, not Tony Stark—but his dog Dodger! 

1. The best dog owner for the best dog in the world, amirite?

2. Chris Evans never forgets to everyone a Happy Valentine's every February, but this one takes the medal. Look how cute and cuddly they are. 🥺


3. It’s safe to assume that America’s eyes spend most of their time on this dog. Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Dodger deserves it.

4. Of course, what kind of dog parent doesn’t greet their good boi on National Dog Day. And we get these cute selfies so we win too. Yay! 

5. We get pictures even on random days that have nothing to do with dogs. Because every day is a dog day to Chris Evans. What a lovely pair.

6. They also chat quite a bit, so it's nice to get insight into their conversations through tweets.

7. We also get to hear Dodger's introspective thoughts. Even when there's tension, it's all out of love.

8. Saving the world through random tweet selfies. You just can’t hate this guy (and his dog!)

9. While we spend our Valentine’s with the people we love, Chris Evans is spending his time with his best bud. Who can blame him if you got someone like Dodger? 🐶


10. Where else do you see a celeb dedicate this much time and love to keep everyone updated about their dog’s well-being? Thank you, Chris Evans, for being the number one doggo lover in Hollywood! 


What are your thoughts on Chris Evans’ love for Dodger? Do you also have experiences and memories with your pets that you’d love to share? Tell us down below! 

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