14 of the Most Brutal Twitter Comebacks Ever

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14 of the Most Brutal Twitter Comebacks Ever

Ah, Twitter. The landscape that has seen thousands of bloodshed, cries, and pain through… savage comebacks. As the world’s renowned “online time square”, Twitter is the home of all gossip, ratio attempts, and the most brutal and savage comebacks. There have been numerous times where you just can’t keep your mouth shut and the unexpected happens: you get r/MurderedByWords. 

For your convenience, we prepared 14 of the best, hilarious, and straight-up violent comebacks that the land of Twitter has ever seen. Prepare your popcorns, ladies and gents!  

1. You didn’t have to do him like that, Kelly.

2. I should probably get a garage. 

3. TBH, if my child was even 1% this savage, I would be a proud parent. 

4. This was a straight-up violation. 

5. Nothing against religious people, but don’t be like this, please.


6. Stop the cap, Elon. You’re literally playing with the infinite money cheat codes on. 

7. You need some band-aids and alcohol for that burn, bud?

8. This man just outsmarted and out-ratioed MIT. What a legend. 


9. Stop trying to make superhero films too dark and realistic, DC. They’re superhero films for a reason. 


10. F for whoever ran the McDonalds Twitter account that day. 


11. Consent is key, everyone. Come on now. 


12. Again, no offense to Christians, but this was just too damn funny not to include. 


13. Curb your racism. 


14. A certified r/therewasanattempt moment.


What’s the most hilarious or savage tweet to you? Got any tweets you’d like to bring to life as a tee, hoodie, or sweater? Let us know! 

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