14 Relatable Tweets to Start Your 2022 with a Laugh

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14 Relatable Tweets to Start Your 2022 with a Laugh

2021 was many things to many people. For some, it was like a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs and occasional moments of stability and peace. For some, it was yet again a year of struggle just like 2020. Well, whatever 2021 was, it was no way boring—and some people from the Twitterverse proved this to be true with their hilarious tweets that you should definitely see for a strong start in 2022. 

That said, why don’t you give yourself a 10-minute break and enter the new year with laughs? Enjoy! 

1. This is the best dad joke I’ve seen in a long while


2. Saving this one for future reference

3. Tell that to the guy who named that fruit after its color

4. Yes, me good talker, me professional, please hire, ok?


5. A talking cake would be nice. Finally someone I can talk to 


6. Come on guys… it’s just a game, right? Right guys?


7. Hey, at least it looks good on my LinkedIn profile

8. Look at us now… living through the pain and suffering that is life 


9. Brb, going to do my daily sessions of 3 AM self-reflection


10. Me: it’s *struggling to breathe* going *saliva dripping out* fine *awkward eye contact*


11. If my life is a show, then it’s gotta be the lowest-rated show of all time


 12. You know, I’m something of a professional lad myself


13. This would make a perfect shirt every time I go out 


14. Hol’ up granny… w-we?

And that concludes the funniest tweets to start your 2022! Which tweet was your favorite? 

Happy 2022! 🥳

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