16 Hilarious Tweets to Embrace Christmas This 2021

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16 Hilarious Tweets to Embrace Christmas This 2021

Ho ho ho, it’s that time of the year again, and ho ho boy, all I want for Christmas is… to compile a list of funny tweets! Since Christmas is the season of sharing and giving, it just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t give you 16 of the most hilarious and relatable tweets for the upcoming holiday seasons.

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1. Hey, at least you’ve got your icebreakers in place for Christmas parties... ‘cuz that opinion will definitely spark some debate.



2. Why is this so accurate?


3. Hol’ up…  


4. And nothing else will ever come close.


5. What does this doggo and I have in common? We both have an existential crisis during Christmas.


6. Christmas is when we cry over Mariah Carey’s voice on the radio instead of Drake’s. 


7. Being an adult during Christmas… kinda sucks.  


8. This is the time period where we try our best to be angels in front of our parents.  


9. Underrated Christmas present. 


10. How dare you assume that I still have a little bit of soul and human in me?


11. Every parents’ nightmare on Christmas. 


12. Get... out.


13. When the Christmas spirit has devolved into sharing WiFi passwords. 


14. I really wouldn’t blame The Grinch if he was an IRL figure. 


15. This hurt more than it should. 


16. Pretty much sums up our lives ever since COVID-19.

Which tweet will you surprise your loved ones with? Share your comments down below!

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