5 Celebrity Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following Vol. 1

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5 Celebrity Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following Vol. 1

5. Jimmy Kimmel

The Jimmy Kimmel Live host comes in hot on this list, not only because we have a couple of his tweets up ready to go. And sure, a tweet starting with “I invite you all on a journey into my colon” might make you double take. (But it’s for a good cause). Where Jimmy stands out is in creating his own voice—and for being instrumental in El Chapo’s capture.


4. Rainn Wilson

You may know him as Dwight Kurt Schrute. The truth is, Rainn has been dreaming of tweets since his days on The Office. Glad to see you finally ended up getting a “Tweeter” account, Dwight.

3. Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is one of those people sharing everything on the internet. Deep thoughts, embarrassing moments, and beyond. We’re definitely not complaining—an entertainer if there ever was one. Mad love, Anna.


2. Steve Carell

Another The Office star in our midst, Michael GARY Scott, also gives us plenty of laughs. Carrell’s humor is often fun and innocent in nature. Make no mistake––that doesn't mean it’s not funny. Steve’s also got some of the most relatable tweets—don’t miss out.


1. Stephen Colbert

Stephen’s stuff is mostly political, and he loves to live tweet during his shows. Can you blame him? Coming from The Colbert Report, his devout base followed him all the way to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he didn’t keep it completely political per se, but with so much political turbulence, the material comes easy to him. With mostly jabs at Donald Drumpf, his ratings are at all-time highs, while his target’s ratings reach all-time lows. Same with old pals John Stewart and John Oliver.


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