Barack Obama Dominated Twitter in 2017 - Here's How

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Barack Obama Dominated Twitter in 2017 - Here's How

If you connect the words "Obama", "Twitter" and "2017" in a simple Google search, you'll find countless articles about 2017 being @BarackObama's year on Twitter. But wait, isn't 2017 the most we heard from @RealDonaldTrump via tiny Twitterfingers?

Fun fact: According to Vox, Obama had 4 of the top tweets of 2017. Trump had none. 

As it turns out, even though it appears that Trump dominated Twitter, none of the year's top 10 most retweeted tweets came from the current POTUS. Thus, while DJT uses Twitter a lot more, BO uses it a lot more effectively.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion,” was Obama’s most-liked post of 2017, with 4.6+ million fluttering hearts and 2.7+ million retweets, making it No. 2 on the most-retweeted list. The quote is from Nelson Mandela, and the included photo is of Obama hanging out with toddlers of various skin colors.


Similarly, then-POTUS Barack Obama also tweeted out a couple of hit tweets early in January, as his second and final term came to an end.



You don't have to look far to see Pres. Obama's Twitter philosophy "Think before you tweet" in action.

Another honorable mention was a man with a lot to lose: LeBron James. LBJ caused some commotion in the Twittersphere after controversy regarding The Golden State Warriors' visit to the White House. Stephen Curry (among others) declined to attend the White House after another historic championship run, which led to Donald Trump rescinding the invitation after hearing about the players' animosity towards the current administration.


What are your favorite popular tweets of 2017? We would love to see them in the comments section below. 👇

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