Jack Dorsey’s Father, Tim, Is on Twitter—and Twitter Loves It

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Jack Dorsey’s Father, Tim, Is on Twitter—and Twitter Loves It

Have you ever wondered who the grandpa of Twitter is? Or are you surprised that there even is one? Well, you won’t be disappointed. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s dad is actually on Twitter, and his tweets are straight-up giving us grandpa vibes.  

Tim Dorsey, or better known by his bot-like handle @Tim535353, is best known for greeting his followers a good morning and good night—every. single. day. If that doesn’t scream my-gramps-just-made-his-Twitter-account-and-figured-out-how-to-tweet vibe, then I don’t know what else will. 
Here are just some of Tim’s adorable tweets.  

This next one is a mood. I can’t tell if he’s excited or deadpan with that “Ok.” Either way, I’d totally rock it as my shirt the next time I go out. 👀 


He’s that type of grandpa who would always remind you to eat and finish your meals. And who would greet you good morning and good night on Twitter 7 times a week.  

Oh, and his wife, Marcia Dorsey, is on Twitter too. And yes, she’s the grandma of Twitter as well. Just look at her tweets. 🥺 

She’s got great taste for food as well. 🤤 

Just like Tim, Marcia is all our lovely granny who makes sure that we never leave their house with an empty stomach. Hats off to @jack, you’ve got adorably sweet parents.  

Which tweet was your favorite? And which will you give as a gift to your gramps and granny? 

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  • Dave Alonzo

    Hello Tim! Did you go to high school at St. Louis Prep Seminary in 1961-65? If so, we sat next to one another in many classes. Just curious. Dave Alonzo (living in Wildwood . . . west suburban St. Louis.)

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