New Year, Same Us. And That’s a Good Thing.

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New Year, Same Us. And That’s a Good Thing.

Now that the New Year has arrived, it's time to make some changes to our humor. We realize that even though some of our tweets look like they came straight out of The Onion, they may also rub some people the wrong way. Therefore, we have decided to tone down the edgy tweets... Just kidding. #NewYearSameMe

We at Tee Tweets are about two things: unity & laughter. We do this by putting the best tweets on tops. T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, it's all good–that's our sweet spot. 

Can't get enough NBA action? Read up Joel Embiid's (failed) attempt to recruit LeBron James to the Philadelphia 76ers. Or learn about Kevin Durant's habit of watching The History Channel in the club. And remember when he said he wanted to play for the Thunder his entire career and then left to join a stacked 73-9 team who defeated his team in the previous NBA playoffs? That's pretty memorable.

Kevin Durant tweet I wanna play with Oklahoma City for my entire career

You can also just go crazy with a tweet that lets people know Shaquille O'Neal's butt is too big for the rides at famous Knott's Berry Farm. And then tell people you don't wanna be here.

When it comes to Kanye West, well... he's a tricky one. Love him or hate him he makes you look. And whether you support him or not, you must admit that asking for $1 billion on Twitter from the Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is not the brightest idea. Especially when it's his birthday.

Kanye West tweets at Mark Zuckerberg asking Zuckerberg Mark I know it's your birthday but can you please call me by tomorrow

The POTUS Collection is also a fan favorite. In it, you can very clearly see polar opposites in the delusional mind of Donald Trump and the class of Barack Obama. While Trump tweets baseless claims and attacks people with his twitterfingers, Barack Obama elegantly tweets positive (and often times humorous) messages. One of them was timed so perfectly and had such a good message, it became the most-liked tweet in Twitter history.

Barack Obama tweets Nelson Mandela quote No one is born hating another person based on the color of his skin or his background or religion

There is one Obama tweet that is fake–and the fans love it. It was originally featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The bit asked the question "What if Barack Obama tweeted the same way Donald Trump tweets?" Click here and find out.

 Barack Obama fake tweet Still first black president #IAmTheDream

Wishing you the best to your New Year,

The Peeps @TeeTweetsDotCom

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