Use Promo Code HOLIDAYS2021 for 20% off All Tee Tweets

2021, new release -

Use Promo Code HOLIDAYS2021 for 20% off All Tee Tweets

In Jingle Bell Rock’s melody…

Promo code, Promo code, Promo code here
Promo code here with your favorite tops
Piling up your Tee Tweets cart
Now apply the Promo code at check out!

Okay, sorry for the attempt. Had to give it a try. But anyhow…

In the spirit of giving and sharing, here’s our present to you: 20% off ALL orders from now until January 1st, 2022. (Holy crap, it's 2022.) 🤯 Just use promo code HOLIDAYS2021 at checkout. No minimum amount required.

Not not sure which Tee Tweet to get? Well, the simple (and smart) solution is to snag a few and combine them all for 20% off.

But if you're still having trouble picking, here are a few holiday favorites.

Start the year off strong by letting 'em know with this iconic tweet from Tyler the Creator. 🏆

The new year usually brings new resolutions, but at the end of the day, don't lose sight of who you are.

Start the new year with some positive vibes wrapped in an excessive amount of emojis. (Even "excessive" may be an understatement in the context of a tweet.)

Sarcastically wish the haters a happy new year with this ludicrous tweet.

Or celebrate it with some good 'ol reliable alcohol. Because Alcohol.

The greatest gift of them all though is of course, a customized top with your favorite tweet slapped right onto it.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays. 😁

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