A New-Look Tee Tweets

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A New-Look Tee Tweets

If you're a long-time visitor of the site, you will have noticed we've updated our site for a fresh new look to match our fresh new tees. No, we didn't get hacked (hopefully not even via the Equifax breach 🙏), we just wanted to improve user experience and navigation.

If this is your first time visiting us, welcome. 🙌 It only gets better from here. You just happened to run into the freshest of the freshest time in Tee Tweets history. ❄️

In addition to the general look of our site, you'll also notice that we've included dropdown menus to simplify browsing through the plethora of tweets. Some key points:

  • Shop contains All Tee Tweets, Best Sellers, and Latest Releases.
  • Collections contains exactly that–The Sports Collection, The POTUS Collection, The Comedian Collection, and the ever-so-popular Kanye West Collection.

What do you think of the new look? Drop a comment below! 👇


  • Max Huntonsew

    What Jon said above me with the historical tweets would actually be so good lol I can only imagine

  • Jon

    Much cleaner than before…..nice touch dude. When are you guys coming out with the historical tweets…like if MLK, Ben Franlin, Honest Abe would have tweeted

  • Cody W.

    Looks pretty good, not gonna lie! Even better than before

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