Donald Trump - "Covfefe" Tee

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"Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

–– Donald J. Trump

Quite honestly, there is no description that would make do this TeeTweet justice. But if it helps, here are a few definitions that we found on Urban Dictionary:

  • Covfefe is the once secret name of an ancient tentacle monster that white supremacists fornicate with. The name was leaked to the public when Donald Trump, well known leaker of classified info, tweeted while relieving his arousal upon its girth. In the throes of passion, Trump cried out the name of his lover mid-tweet, EJACULATING IT INTO CYBERSPACE!
  • When you want to say "coverage" but your hands are too small to hit all the letters on your keyboard.
  • Rumored to be Donald Trump's 2020 presidential slogan.
  • Ask not what your covfefe can do for youvafoo, Ask what youvefefe can dovefe your covefefetry.
  • No one really knows yet, but the President of the United States of America used it in a tweet so it must be a bigly important word. It must be YUGE somewhere as he knows all the best words.
  • Russian word that translates literally as 'I quit' or 'I leave' or 'I resign.'

Transcript of the Incident:
Trump: Despite constant negative press-
Covfefe: *thrusts its engorged girth deep into its lover*
Trump: *consumed by the spell of EROS* Covfefe!

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