Twitter Wrapped—The Best of Twitter 2021

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Twitter Wrapped—The Best of Twitter 2021

Welcome to Tee Tweets’ first-ever Twitter Wrapped—a place where we compile Twitter’s best of the year, just for y’all. For this year, 2021, the Twitterverse has witnessed some of the most iconic, funniest, and inspiring tweets from all walks of life. 

From the stan community to your favorite celebs, you can bet that everyone did their part to make 2021 a remarkable year for Twitter. Some tweets may surprise you, while some… not so much. Just wait and see. 👀

The most liked tweets of 2021

First up, we got the most liked tweets of this year. Probably something you’ve already seen, but should know nonetheless because duh, they’re the most liked for a reason.

President Joe Biden’s iconic one-liner that dates back to his victory on the 2020 US Elections that has gained over 4 million likes. Isn't every day a new day in America though? As is a new day everywhere else in the world. 🤔 (Is this r/technicallythetruth?)

We also have Twitter’s greetings to literally everyone when Facebook (now Meta) services went down back in October. The cherry on top is the 3.3 million likes that this tweet got. What a cheeky way to diss your competitor. 

And as expected, how could we forget BTS Jungkook’s selfie. Just look at those numbers (almost 1 million retweets too?!). Imagine being so popular and good-looking that a mere selfie of yours lands at the top 3 most liked tweets of the year. 🤯


The most retweeted tweets of 2021

Speaking of retweets, let’s also take a look at the most shared tweets of 2021. This list takes a more serious note as evident with the first one that is…

BTS’ support and statement for the #StopAsianHate #StopAAPIHate movement that has amassed over 1 million retweets. Hats off to these boys who are still in touch with reality and societal issues despite the fame and glory. Way to go, kings. 👑

At second place, we have the long-awaited return of soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. The return of the prodigal son. 

And at third (for the second time) we have Twitter’s cheeky greeting to everyone who was victimized by Facebook’s outage. Come on, Twitter. Give other accounts a chance! 


The best trends (according to Twitter) of 2021

2021 was a great year for trends. As the 2nd year of a COVID-19 world, we got to see creative ways on how people entertain themselves without living the house. Well, for the most part. We also got to see amazing TV shows, movies, and music that BROKE Twitter and the whole internet. 

For a strong start, we’ve got what could possibly be the most iconic TV show of recent history: Squid Game. Please act surprised.

When even your grandma has tuned in on the hype, you know it’s got to be record breaking. 

Squid Game was so influential and popular that MrBeast’s rendition of the show got 42 million views in 1 day. You read that right—42 million. 

Another trend that broke records, our hearts, and the internet is Red (Taylor’s Version)—a rerecording of Taylor Swift’s 2012 of the same name. 

Whatever you say, Red (Taylor’s Version) is definitely album of the year material. Unfortunately for some, let’s say Jake Gyllenhaal, the success of her album isn’t something to be celebrated as he has become the talk of the town after Taylor released a 10-minute version of All Too Well. I’m sorry Jake, I love your films but I’m siding with Taylor on this one. 

How could we forget the memes that got us through this year? There’s a lot of ‘em, so we’ll just keep throwing one until we eventually run out of meme supply. 

The happy side, sad side bus meme. Except this one is a version most of us haven't seen before. Guess there’s a happy ending to everything. 

The alarming rise of red flag tweets. You probably deserve it for putting pineapple on your pizza. 

The Anakin Padme meme. Cool, you’ve seen this meme before. You’ve seen this meme before… right? 

The Agatha Harkness winking meme. The perfect meme to sum up my feelings when I’m breezing through a terms and conditions page. 

And lastly, the ‘did it hurt’ memes. Yes, it hurt to watch the Fifty Shades trilogy. Oh god… 

That wraps up our Twitter Wrapped for 2021! There’s many more we couldn’t put in the list, but 2021 has proved that the internet can provide us joy, entertainment, and bliss during these trying times. Let’s all hope that 2022 (pronounced '2020 too' 😩) could be the year that everything goes back to the way things used to be. 

So, which category and tweets did we miss? Don’t forget to share your thoughts down below.

Happy New Year! 🎉

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